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A digital tutoring platform that provides millions of subject-specific study guides for high school and college students


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Course Hero is a studying platform where you can access educational materials for many subjects. This is geared primarily towards college students, but there are also many resources for high school students and younger. You are also able to speak with the community of peers and educators to get more information on your subject.

Main Features

Course Hero is a platform where you can access materials related to educational subjects. This is a very large platform, which means that you should find resources for every common subject. Whether you want to learn more about economics, psychology or mathematics, there should be resources here to fit your needs. Even many niche subjects have adequate resources.

There are many different resources that you can access. There are books, reports, articles, videos, step-by-step guides, images and more. You can access the resources by using a keyword search, going through different subjects or asking other users what the best resources are.


There are over 20 million users at Course Hero right now, which gives you access to many different people who can help you. Resources are great, but sometimes you have a specific question and you're having a hard time finding the answer. Course Hero allows you to speak with the whole community. Not only that, but users can also help look over your reports, recommend different resources and help you in other ways.

The community is made up of peers, educators and other users who are interested in learning. This ensures that you are connect with other people who are interested in your field and that might have information you're looking for.


Gaining access to Course Hero only allows you to access a limited number of resources. You need to use credits in order to unlock guides, more resources and answers from the community. The easiest way to gain credits is to buy them with real money. You can also gain credits by uploading resources and answering questions.

The resources are often more affordable than if you were to buy them directly, but this means that Course Hero might end up costing you much more than expected.

Worries About Plagiarism

Some students are worried about using Course Hero because they think it will lead to plagiarism. While it is true that you can copy and paste article and books as your own, this is no different than access resources from any other platform.

Due to that, Course Hero won't specifically make it easier to plagiarize. Many of the resources here can be found elsewhere. This means that teachers can still find out if you plagiarized another book or article.


  • Allows you to access many books, articles, videos and more about any subject.
  • Even has resources for many niche subjects that are usually difficult to find.
  • You can gain further access by uploading your own resources or helping the community.


  • You will have to buy or earn credits to access other resources.

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